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20170504_173519What a better way of ending a long hard day rather than a sunset view over the top of the city with a glass of bubbly?

It often said that beautiful and best things are free in life, i mean doesn’t this view prove that saying just right? This view is everything, if you looking to escape the city buzz for the moment and get your thoughts together and this spot is just a good idea. You can enjoy this full view of city of gold by Northcliff water tower, situated in lucky avenue Northcliff.


This place is the perfect spot to watch the sun goes down and it set beautiful backdrop for any romantic occasion. I go to this place a lot just to clear my mind or to seek inspiration, on my latest visit i grabbed a bottle of bubbly as it was a celebratory visit with a friend and for a moment everything was perfect: amazing views, good company and bubbly of course!


To help celebrate our day i obtained for something new, something I’ve never tried before and it happen to be Hermanus Pieters Maria Elisabet se Vonkel 2014 Brut. This Methode cap classique is made up of 51% Pinot Noir, 46% chardonnay and just a bit of 3% Pinot Meunier. To describe the taste of this wine and feel will cost me a lot of industry words of which most of you will hardly understand, so let me just say the MCC is not quite balance for my liking and i found it more bitter, however the alcohol content is just right at 12%. Is it worth the try? Definitely! It unfortunate that it doesn’t go with my palate.


All i can say is “it better to see something once, that to hear about it a thousand time.”, In this case will also apply to taste. Until next time; let try more wine!



The perfect fit for a milestone celebration


The world’s most expensive non-vintage champagne, hits the markets on the 18th of April 2017!

Jay Z champagne brand; Armand de brignac realise another limited edition of Blanc de Noirs assemblt 2 better known as ace of spades *A2*! The rapper brought the brand back in 2014 for $200million, A2 is the first realease under Jay Z as the CEO. however the accourding to blommerend website the have said the rapper had no influemce towards the production on the new realese.

The new A2 set to down grade the famous Dom Perignon with the price tag and hopefull beat the quality as well, will have to find out that in a matter of few years!

If you have R11 815 per bottle to spare you better move fast, as there’s only about 2, 333 made for the public and probadly two case reserve for the arrival of the twins and all the Carter speacial occassions! whay’s speacial about the bottles is that they each come with exclusive engraved value number! this will be usefull if investing on the bottle and sell it at the later stage! the bottle is ready to be drunk now but still have time to mature more until 2020. *information ebstracted from A2 official site*

Make that special occasion in your life remarkable, and enjoy your long easter weekend!

Wine tasting and art experience!

2017-04-06 10.00.16 1.jpg“I have found a master piece in you, the work of art is true and i treasure you my love.” – Atlantic starr

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This happens to be one my favourite songs and it pretty much sums up this blog post. for sometime now i’ve been trying to put together this event and it finally happening next month!  wine meets art is the theme of the eveent, the event is actually private wine tasting class for people to understand their palate. i have lot of people i who regular ask me lots of question regarding to wine and consumsing. what i have drawn out of all these questions is that people don’t understand their palate, some put water, appertiser and all sort of things in their wine to make it more barreable!

Just like there are different kinds of beer, so there is with wine as well but with a twist. with wine there is red and white and within these two varities there is lot going into them! there are diffferent kinds of reds and white but the trick to understanding your palete is knowing which type of red nor white are you, from chardonnay – chenin blanc and merlot- shiraz and the religion they from. It that’s simple! with religion im referring to wines from stellenbosch, paarl, franschoek and all regions we have in the country.

I’m an aspiring sommelier, currently holding a wine certificate from capewine academy and currently enrolling on the professional cape wine sommelier.  i do private wine tasting for all sort of occassion, to find out more about that you can email me at . with all that being said you, you in good hands!

The event will be a private interactive wine tasting class, only 30 seats will be available. classes will be divided into two, the afternoon class of 15 people and the evening class of the rest of 15. tickects will be avaibable on quicketweb by the end of the month *keep glued on my social network pages for updates*, tickects go for R450 each. The tickect includes: winetasting, bottomless bubbly, art viewing, refreshments and goodie bag with wine.

Wine meets arts is the theme of the day, so dress the part! and one more thing; don’t forget yout purse and wallet!

Soweto wine festival experience


I had the pleasure to be invited to attend the 11th Soweto wine festival by my friends in the media! I have attended it for the past two years but this time was different because everything was on the house for me, courtesy of being a wine blogger.

Part of me was excited, i  mean i don’t have to pay for my tickets and on top of that i get to bring my people to enjoy the night with me. However, i had lots and lots of concerns with being invited by a certain media house. People have a lot of expectations when you are their guest, in terms of the wine brands they are associate with. They tend to expect you to like it nor say good things about the wines brand they work with even if sometimes you don’t agree with them. i’m one of those people who don’t have filter, if i don’t like something i say it! It not personal it just a brutal truth. Lucky enough the event went just fine.


The 11th Soweto wine festival to place in Soweto theatre between 3-5 of March,  which was last weekend! I attended it with my 4 partner in crime buddies, it was all fun and boozy of course. The main idea behind Soweto wine & lifestyle festival is to encourage, educate and grow black wine drinkers in Townships, of which the festival is really doing well on that. Judging from social media one can see how significantly the number of black wine makers and drinkers has grown, all thanks to festivals like this that come to townships and educate people about resources we have as the country to appreciate and produce good wines that can put us in the map along side with Europe countries that dominate the wine industry.


The festival is indeed your typical festival, loud music, lots of people, food stalls and everything you can think off. The festival is a great idea for all wine lovers, looking to have good time, good wine at cheap price not sure about education! One gets to middle with fellow wine lover, winemakers\owner and sommelier who tries to manipulate you to buy their wines it all about sales to them at the end of the day! But it fine sometimes it all worth the price of the ticket. I’m not trying to paint sommeliers bad I’m one myself but when you work for certain wine brand your judgement is clouded and can be a bit biases.


I attend the whole three days! Yes i wouldn’t miss the chance for the world. One of my favourite part about the festival is meeting the wine makers *especial black female ones*, discovering new wines, learning the right pronunciation and tasting everything of course. Over roll it always a good turn up with fellow wine lovers. Below i have made a shortlist of surviving a wine festival, whether it township festivals or the ones in wine lands these tips sure will come handy.

Survival tips
·         Wear comfortable shoes

·         Attend with a group of friends for maximum enjoyment

·         Utilise the spit bucket now and then to avoid being drunk early

·         Buy a couple of bottles, they on discount anyways!



It a must attend event for all wine lovers out there, just always trust your palette and have guts to take risk. If you didn’t get a chance to go this year make it a point you give it a try at least once in your lifetime!

Until next, Try something new!

How to order wine at a Restaurants


I find it fitting to talk about how to order wine in restaurants since it the month of love, As most places are doing romantic 3 dinner course packages for you and your significant other. I thought i’d give you a heads up and save yourself the embarrassment in front of your date.

Ordering wine at the restaurants sound easy right? Well it is easier said than done, however the black book titled WINE LIST can the a little intimidating sometimes. The goal of this blog post is that by the time you finish reading it, you will no longer feel intimidated by the wine list when the waiter brings it to the table.


When going out to eat with your friends, it usually a casually/relaxed setting and no need to dress up and put on that expensive perfume and red lipstick or tuxedo in that manner. Going on a dinner date with your significant other or someone new, is usually a more formal setting and romantic to rekindle that spark. For example places like; Marble and The flames restaurants in four season hotel, in Johannesburg to name a few are a bit formal, with that romantic feel of breath taking view making one feel some typer way. So going into such formal setting, you already know the wine list will be different from Tasha’s and news cafe so it can be intimidating to look at.


Basic tricks

  • Know the wine region that’s work best for you, even when the wine names you familiar with is not on the list you can still be comfortable ordering any wine from that region.
  • Don’t choose the most cheapest nor expensive but always go with the middle priced one.
  • Always remember white goes well with poultry meat and salads and red with good cuts and tomato base dishes.

Before they sit you down for your dinner, they usually place you up to wait by the bar while “they get your table ready”. So while you wait why don’t you grab a drink? Well that’s exactly what they want you to do. It more of a strategic move for restaurateurs to pump up your bill, nothing more to it. But while you there you might as well get a drink to cleanse your palate before you feast in the 3 course meal to follow. For palate cleansing always go for a glass of bubbly, as it offers refreshing acidity which makes you more hungry and ready to dig in!


For the main dinner, choose something that will compliment the food as well. Choosing your wine shouldn’t be disturbed by the price tags, expensive wines does not always mean good quality or will it go with your palate liking. So to be safe, choose the middle price range, it always good value for the money and it’s not too cheap or too expensive. In addition, you can change to another bottle/glass if you don’t enjoy it without going bankrupt. The problem with the cheap wines in the list, is that they most likely to be enjoyed on their own without food. And with expensive wine, you just don’t want to look like a fool and ordering something you can’t even pronounce cause that doesn’t create a good picture to your date but more like a opportunistic! Therefore, with expensive wine you just need to know what you are doing, because it does not come cheap or by glass.

Lastly trust your palate, and enjoy what you like!

Happy national drinking day!


Today marks the global wine drinking day, and in celebration of today’s event i have taken into consideration to round up some few benefits of drinking wine. Regular wine drinkers have low risks of liver disease, type 2 diabetes, heart attack and stroke.


To help me celebrate this day is a reserve collection of 2015 Oakleaf merlot from Delheim wines from Stellenbosch region. The 750ml bottle retails about R90, with 14% alcohol content. It a smooth ripe lush red berry fruit with hints of mocha and little bit of mint. The wine is great paired with beef or lamb stew but also good on it’s own as well.

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There is nothing much to national wine drinking day rather than a reminder to slow down on life, relax and grab a glass of wine.

Happy wine drinking day everyone!


A cozy Valentines for two!

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Nothing screams I LOVE YOU more than an “EFFORT”!

We all appreciate it when we see someone putting an extra effort to make things better, whether in a relationship, sexual life, or even on their career.  So with love there is no exception regarding to an EFFORT, yes we all love and appreciate finer things in life, but nothing bit an effort. Seeing your loved one making sure that you taken good care off, is priceless less knowing that they put the best nor last to make you happy!

Today, i’m sharing some few tricks to show appreciation for your loved one’s without breaking the bank. Not all of us will be lucky enough to spend the valentine’s day they way we’d like too, due to many circumstances. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t still have a little romance. Below is the list to ensure that we keep that romance going tonight!

  1. Bubbly bath

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after a long day of hustling your partner will sure appreciate a hot bubbly bath, and what a bubbly bath without the mighty bubbly vine? Turn the romance up with some fine bottle of Methode classique.

  1. Gifts

Don’t always fall for what social media claim to be the perfect valentine’s day gift, any gift out of love is always appreciated….it the thought that counts!

Pick that R50 valentine’s day card by the counter at PNP after getting the bread tonight, trust you me it will go a long way. However, if you have a little more to spend pick some flowers doesn’t have to be roses from Woolworth or the imported ones we both know they can sometime be a bit expensive. On your way home by the traffic light it a sure thing that you will come across vendors who are selling

flowers at a very low price than you will get them anywhere. Grab that opportunity with both hands and come home with something than empty-handed.

  1. Sweat treats


Once in a while everyone enjoy sweet treats, from ice cream to chocolate. But today let’s take it a niche higher, with chocolate coated strawberries and wine! Forget the red foil and hearty shapes, melt your dairy milk slap chocolate in a pot over a medium heat. Watch it melt, while slowly and carefully stirring it. Don’t boil it, wash fresh strawberries, then dip them in a melted chocolate and enjoy them over wine with your loved one. In the dinning room over candled light bedroom that your call!

See love doesn’t have to be that complicated nor expensive…. happy Valentine’s day love

Hi! this is not your traditional wine blog. It about a black young zulu girl finding my way in the wine sector. throughout the blog will talk about good affordable wine's one can afford from students to an adult on a tight budget.